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Has any man ever found a girl friend on internet dating?

I think internet dating is a fraud.

Has any man ever found a girl friend on internet dating?
I found my finace on Yahoo! chat. Totally random thing! We've been together for 3 1/2 years!
Reply:i think many have done it. it depends, sometimes it is not true. so be careful.
Reply:Definitely, I have. A lady gave me a wink from a website and I paid the money in order to write her emails. We corresponded by email and phone before IM. After a week we met in person on Christmas night. We live 105 miles apart and see each other as much as possible and do not date anyone else. We hit it off right away and laugh so hard with each other still, that our stomachs hurt. June 25th will be our 6 month anniversary. It is wonderful and amazing to have found a love so deep, so quickly. By the way, I am 56 and she is 55. We have a lot of experience in relationships and this relationship is the best one of our lives. She says that I am the best Christmas present she has ever had. What an ego boost that is. We still talk or write each day and hardly let a week go by without seeing each other. So, it really can work out. Both people have to be honest from the start and build a strong relationship from the get go. Good luck searching and surfing.
Reply:my sister met her husband through an online dating service!
Reply:My friend met his fiance on Yahoo Personals, and they're getting married in October.
Reply:i think some guy married a girl he met over halo online
Reply:I bought a rubber girl. Didn't last long.
Reply:My sister married a guy she met through an internet dating service.

So, there's one guy.
Reply:there are alot of weirdos out there, and im sure crazy girls(ive heard stories) so i am really picky who i meet, and so far i have met 2 really great guys. one ive been with for 7 mths, the other 4 mths. just dating so far cause im not looking to get too serious, but if i were, i have two extremely good options!
Reply:im like tumbleweedblues, i met my wife online and we are happily married. I prayed for my wife and thats how i met her. If you pray to GOD it doesnt matter where she from, GOD will put yall together.
Reply:YES its possible....2 of my frnz got love of their lives on net both r happily married.!!!! anythg is possible just u hv to believe on urself..
Reply:I found a guy on eharmony! We went out for a year.
Reply:I met my husband on the internet, but it wasn't a dating site. We met playing MMORPG like World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot.
Reply:I haven't!!

Anyone out there had any kind of luck with Internet dating?

I would love to hear your Internet dating stories... the good the bad and the ugly!

Anyone out there had any kind of luck with Internet dating?
i met many nice men on the dating site including my current one of 15 months

just be smart and careful and don't hesitate to tell anyone sorry, i don't think we would be a good match

How long should you wait to arrange meeting someone via internet dating?

I have been getting on with someone who I got in contact with through internet dating. We have been corresponding with someone for 6 months through email, phone %26amp; text. He keeps saying that we should meet up, so last week I took the initiative and tried to arrange a date. He agreed to meet tommorow, but then yesterday while we were texting he said something had come up (a work do) and that we are going to have to rearrange (I am guessing work do's are arranged weeks in advance?!)

Is this guy wasting my time - whats the opinion out there??

Should I bother with this guy still, or am I just being impatient?

How long should you wait to arrange meeting someone via internet dating?
He could be wasting your time, could be married? or he could just have bottled it. Have it out with him online ask him what his intentions are. Life is far too short to be wasting your precious time. If you do arrange to meet please please take a friend with you incase he turns out to be a weirdo.

Goodluck x
Reply:6 months is way too long... something like a week or 2 would be more normal
Reply:If he does it again then he's not genuine. It's all down to your own initiative. But i have to say, I met my partner over the net after 2months, yours sounds a bit over stretched. Let him arrange it, if he takes his time, makes excuses or arranges it for too far in the future then sorry, goodbye him.
Reply:6 months is pretty piss poor, no offense! 1 week is the maximum for correspondance on-line. don't go looking for meetings outside of your own town,county state and country. keep it local and in familar surroundings. you are both jerking off to somebody who doesnt exist, a wet dream as it were.

you are both at blame, leave it and move on. 6 months no meet is waaaaaaaay too long.
Reply:avoid - he's got no balls and is playing you around. Odds are, he's in a relationship (maybe not a full time one but you are not the only love interest in his life.)
Reply:......after a couple of week's after meeting, you should alway's link up via web cam, to make sure everything check's out.... If the guy turn's out completely different,... e.g.... way older,.. way younger,.. or nothing like he described, then you can apologize and imform you no longer wish to continue... If he say's he does'nt have a web cam, then suggest he use an internet cafe computer.... I would probably say, to give it another 2 week's or so, and if he seem's to duck out of a meeting all the time, then you'll have to do some re-assessing about him... Silly guy's can be found in any dating situation, either online, or offline, so however you decide to handle this, you should alway's remember to link after 2 to 3 week's on webcam, to make sure everything's cool.... Online dating is still a great way to meet, but a webcam is a really good way of verification!...
Reply:This guy is wasting your time....must be hiding something. Most internet dating happens fast. Everyone I know usually has a phone number the first day or two and call immediately and sets up a meeting within a week.

Why wait or waste time. To me - waiting or stalling is a red-flag that the person is hiding something or has a personality or social flaw.
Reply:OK, I may be being cynical here, but 'meeting' someone online isn't always genuine. He's probably a size larger than Jabba the Hutt, married, with 5 kids, and irritable bowels. Steer well clear.
Reply:If you live within driving/train distance, you should have met within the first month. If you have to make travel plans that require more than 1 day away from home, think the time to make them is now. 6 months is long enough. I think I'd be wary of this- sounds dubious. It's entirely possible that he has no intention of ever meeting you due to lying about who he is, or being married.
Reply:wait 100 yrs,,how do u know he aint jack the ripper?
Reply:Give him the benefit of the doubt. Not all work stuff is planned weeks in advance - especially considering the different professions, etc. You've already invested 6 months, you can invest a little more time.
Reply:wait until you know you are ready, and really really know him, know what he looks like, check out his details, etc etc, to prove he isn't a perve or a peado
Reply:I think you should go, You never know until you meet him, but I would make it a group thing, or meet in a very public place and dont go anywhere with him alone, I wouldnt go anywhere with him alone until you know him and trust him!
Reply:Always keep your internet friends on the internet. It is safer that way....even for guys. Don't try to convert cyber friends to real life will never work
Reply:heres an idea:

1) Go down the pub

2) Meet a real person

The longer you stay on this internet the less chance you got of gettin laid
Reply:I met my partner through Internet dating. I also met a lot of men, some of whom I have kept in touch with and are good friends. Only you will know, through talking to him, whether or not to go ahead with things. When I met my partner, all sorts of strange things came to light! First of all, we found out that we were in the same year and the same school together. Then it came to light that we used to have the same close mate when we were kids. The house he owned turned out to be a house that my ex husbands mentor lived in when he joined the police. As if that wasn't enough, when he met my family, we found out that he knew my cousin because my partners' dad used to play darts with him. There are lots more examples but I can't think of them at the moment. We have been together for almost 5 years now and are very happy! I started off just wanting a friendship from Internet dating but life has a way of doing its own thing. Good luck! I hope you end up as happy as I am!
Reply:when ever u are comfortable with meeting. but always make sure some1 knows where u are and that u are safe! there are strange people out there

A recent survery said that 67% of single people using dating sites on the internet slept with their date on --

the first date. It didn't specify which percentage was male or female, if you have/had a internet dating profile would you do this if everything "felt right" by the end of the night?

A recent survery said that 67% of single people using dating sites on the internet slept with their date on --
Absolutely not, I don't care how good I think it would feel. You should always give it time, whether it occurred through the internet or face to face. Life is to precious to just give it up on the first date. Wait at least until the fourth date when you should know a little more about the person.
Reply:if i felt right? wow thats a loaded question. of course i would!!!
Reply:I lasted till the third date!! LOL
Reply:no, unless that is what you were looking for the in the first place..but I wasn't looking for that.
Reply:Why are you asking? Hoping to get lucky on your first date?
Reply:I met my husband from a internet dating site and we did not have sex on the first date. If i remember correctly we didn't have sex until we declared our relationship after about 2 months. We did however on our first did hooked-up.
Reply:perhaps...if i was jus THA drunk...then maybe...i suppose
Reply:probably not
Reply:I don't know but I ended up making out with someone online on the first date. Slept together during our 2nd month and now we're on our third month.......Maybe we're speedinf things up but he's perfect. I mean you get to talk to the person a lot before you actually meet them so you know more about them...
Reply:"A recent survey" done by WHO?!?!?!?!?

If this was done by someone like a CONDOM company - it's called MANIPULATING numbers...

First, what is the definition of "dating site" that they used - because they are probably talking about sites DESIGNED for people to "hook up"!

That is the ENTIRE point of sites like craisglist, and the "Intimate Encounters" section of Lavalife ;);););););)
Reply:hmm i dont think this is true but i wish it was

i guess the old dude on eharmony commericals is doin a good job!!!

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Has anybody met a decent person on these internet dating sites like

What is everybody's general opinion about these internet dating sites? is it worth the time and money to post a personal ad or it is a waste of time and money?

Has anybody met a decent person on these internet dating sites like
I began with my internet dating on Lava Life and I can tell you that for me it was quite a learning experience. If you are mature and you know what you want and can tell people what you want without playing games then I think you can make this site work for you. I began in October 05 and dated a few nice men - with nothing with potential. Then in February a man who I had sent a smile to (I didn't purchase credits - easier for the lasdies to do this then men), decided to purchase credits and sent me a message! I couldn't believe it! Well it's history from there - he lived in another province, within 2 weeks I was visiting him for 10 days and then he moved to my province in April! We are in love and we plan on building our future together! All the best out there! The internet can be an advantage, use it safely and wisely!
Reply:no b cause u can b who u want 2 b on here
Reply:actually,a lot of guys are sending me winks and emails on that not subscribed though that's why i can't read and send them an email..just a wink..i just posted a profile though..on my opinion,it's more better if you just don't waste any money on that..ask yourself if it'll be rewarding in the end? still,its only you who can find the answer for yourself...
Reply:When I was single I met several women who I dated. Sure, there were some dates with people that were total disasters but that is only normal when your dating. Being a guy I think I had it easier than a lot of women do on these sites. I have heard a lot of really bad stories from some of the women I dated about other guys they had gone out with. The key is be careful, take your time, and never be afraid to walk away when it doesn't feel right. Like any other form of dating you will still have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.
Reply:I met a person of yahoo personals. we didn't hit it off but I suspects it has the same odds as of working as any other date. to me it was a lot like being set up.

I was wondering what is the best health professional internet dating site?

I've been considering internet dating for a while now and was wondering if a site exists for health professionals. I'm 12 months out of a 12 year relationship and would somehow like to get back onto the dating or friendship wagon.

I was wondering what is the best health professional internet dating site?
ive never heard of one, but i bet you can go on normal dating sites and there will be other health profressionals on there!

good luck
Reply:I prefer the smaller dating sites and the niche sites. I recommend trying

Help me out you cute guys give me some tips for internet dating?

I have been having a go at internet dating to try and meet different guys. Also using personal ads. I always seem to get the same old problem guys will chat to me for hours online but trying to get them to meet up with me is like getting blood from a stone. How can I streamline the process to get rid of timewasters and end up with better results. How can I tell if guys are genuinely interested and get them to commit to a date. Is it a good idea to phone them up first as I tend to do things on the computer what with my being unemployed and it can be cheaper. Does phoning a guy make him more likely to warm to you? How quickly should I try and get a date with them? I want to know how to strike a balance between seeming to pushy and being too distant so they don't want to bother with me. I get a lot of guys pulling out of dates at the last minute and I get very tired of it. Am I going about things the wrong way and how can I get better results? Give me some tips please any men out there.

Help me out you cute guys give me some tips for internet dating?
sorry but most of the guys have found that going too quick with online dating is a mess. They will want to really get into your head before they meet up. Your best bet is to find someone new at online dating. Just be patient and things will work out. If you are just horny, then let them know and they will be right over.
Reply:Don't do It
Reply:Here is a place that reviews lots of dating advice.
Reply:Never done the internet dating but figure talking to them on the phone would be the quickest way and dont go on dates just go and have coffee somewhere, cheap and if they dont come no big deal